How to Upcycle a Tide Bottle into a DIY Bird Feeder

    • Supplies
    • Rinse Tide bottles thoroughly.
    • Cut out and drill holes in front and back of Tide bottle. Drill hole in top center of lid.
    • Prime bottle.
    • Spray paint bottle.
    rinse bottle and cut bottom
    • Cut CD into pieces and hot glue to bottle.
    • Add sealant spray
    Cut CD and add sealant spray
    • Attach rope by knotting at one end and pulling through bottle.
    • Place wooden dowel through drill holes.
    • Add to bottle.
    • Insert flashlight.
    Attach rope and place wooden dowel through drill holes

Most people don’t know Tide bottles are recyclable. So to educate them we created #TideKeepsies.

It’s a stop-motion, micro-content video series that showcases different ways to upcycle Tide laundry detergent bottles. Each video posted on Vine, Twitter, and Facebook drives to a respective pin on Pinterest that gives step-by-step instructions on how to make a #TideKeepsie. Each pin also drives back to their respective Vine video to allow those who came across the Pin first to see exactly how all the pieces come together.