How to Upcycle a Tide Bottle into a DIY Star Shooter

    • Supplies
    • Rinse Tide bottles thoroughly.
    • Cut out Tide bottle bottom.
    rinse bottle and cut bottom
    • Prime bottle.
    • Spray paint bottle.
    prime and spray bottle
    • Add strips of metallic tape.
    • Cut out stars and moons from glow-in-the-dark tape
    • Add to bottle.
    • Insert flashlight.
    Add stars and insert flashlight
    • Add studs with hot glue to flashlight and bottle. Add Velcro to bottle bottom.
    • Cut ovals from black construction paper. Cut out desired constellation. Glue colored film to back side of paper.
    Glue colored film

Most people don’t know Tide bottles are recyclable. So to educate them we created #TideKeepsies.

It’s a stop-motion, micro-content video series that showcases different ways to upcycle Tide laundry detergent bottles. Each video posted on Vine, Twitter, and Facebook drives to a respective pin on Pinterest that gives step-by-step instructions on how to make a #TideKeepsie. Each pin also drives back to their respective Vine video to allow those who came across the Pin first to see exactly how all the pieces come together.