Life today is crazy. Meetings, birthdays, workout classes - before you know it, you have a week's worth of dirty clothes in your hamper and zero clean clothes in your drawers. When things get hectic, laundry tends to pile up, and stains set in before you can get to them. Luckily, washing machines today are getting bigger and bigger, so you can knock out more clothes at once. But, it's easy for stains to sneak through large loads if you don't have the right cleaning power. To help you out, Tide designed an innovative laundry product that effectively tackles large laundry loads and successfully fights impossible stains, as well as the most stubborn odours. Give a warm welcome to Tide POWER PODS®!

Heavy Duty
Designed to get impossible stains like grease, oil, red wine, blood, and smoke out of your clothes, Tide POWER PODS® Heavy Duty laundry pacs are your number-one ally in tough stain removal.
Spring Meadow
Infused with fresh, floral notes to help keep your clothes smelling great, Tide POWER PODS® Spring Meadow pacs deliver a superb clean, no matter how big your laundry pile is.  
Features & Benefits
Tide POWER PODS® are designed for extra-large loads
Equipped with 50 percent more cleaning power compared to Tide Original liquid laundry detergent to help you tackle large loads
One Tide POWER PODS® pac has more cleaning ingredients than two regular-sized Tide PODS®
Infuses your clothes with a long-lasting scent
Deliver 2x the freshness power versus regular Tide PODS®
Work in all washing machines and dissolve completely in all water conditions
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