How to Upcycle Tide Bottles into a DIY Curtain

To help keep product packaging out of our landfills, there are a few steps you can take as an eco-friendly consumer. There are hundreds of ways to reuse product packaging — especially Tide bottles — but did you know you can also creatively upcycle your empty bottles?

    • Supplies
    • Rinse bottles thoroughly.
    • Draw circle on front and back of your empty Tide laundry detergent bottle for wedge pieces, and diamond shapes on the sides.
    • Cut out pieces.
    rinse bottle and cut out pieces
    • Lay out desired pattern.
    • Drill holes in top and bottom of diamonds, and in all four corners of the wedges.
    • Prime pieces.
    • Paint pieces with acrylic spray paint.
    Drill holes, prime and paint pieces
    • Attach curtain hooks. Then hang and enjoy the shade.
    Attach curtain hook and hang the curtain

What is Upcycling?

Upcycling converts old or discarded materials into something useful and beautiful.

You can always send your used plastic containers to be recycled, or you can have some fun and creatively turn that bottle into something you can actually use. To help inspire you, Tide created a content series that originally began on Pinterest to share ideas about how to reuse old bottles and packaging. Here on the Tide Keepsies page, you can watch all our videos and tutorials to help you embrace green living in fun and creative ways.

And, you can also learn more about Tide's commitment to sustainability, including environmentally friendly manufacturing and renewable materials over on our sustainability page.