NFL Jersey Swaps: powered by Tide Hygienic Clean

Jersey Swaps are an international sign of respect in the sporting world - including the NFL. But this NFL season, the players needed a little extra help, so Tide stepped in.

Tide and the NFL have teamed up for the first ever clean Jersey Swap - powered by the deep clean of new Tide Hygienic Clean. With a little additional help from Peyton Manning appearing as a Swap Bot (a robot version of Peyton), players are still able to swap jerseys with the other players they admire. Former teammates, college alums, and even rivals can carry on this longstanding tradition.

After the game, jerseys are collected by SwapBot and deep cleaned with Tide Hygienic Clean before being packaged and sent to their new owners.

So far, over 150 NFL players have signed up to participate in the jersey swap. Check out a few of the latest swaps powered by Tide Hygienic Clean below and be sure to follow #JerseySwap on Twitter and Instagram to see the latest swaps and some behind the scenes footage. You never know what that SwapBot will get up to next.

The Tide Hygienic Clean SwapBot (AKA PeytonBot)

From MVP to jersey swap facilitator see how Peyton Manning is helping players like Mark Ingram and Quinnen Williams swap jerseys, one game at a time.