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“I am so excited to partner with Tide because they have had some iconic Super Bowl commercials in recent years. In this year’s commercial, we really wanted to have fun with the idea that your clothes – like my character, the hoodie – go through a lot and you don’t even realize it!”

Jason Alexander

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America Has Gone Hoodie Crazy

From TikTok to Instagram, everyone wanted to get in on the #TideHoodie action. We can’t promise they didn’t use their hoodies as a seat cushion, but we do know they cleaned them with Tide Hygienic Clean afterwards. 



If our clothes could react, how would they feel about what we put them through 😂 probably something like 🤯😵😡 #ad Luckily @tidelaundry sent me this hilarious hoodie from their Super Bowl commercial to remind me of what I put my clothes through daily. Head over to my Stories to check out the ad (which PREMIERED today!) over on their YouTube Channel ahead of the game #TideHoodie

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