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  • 10x cleaning power*.
  • Tide Plus Bleach Alternative offers more of the brilliant whiteness after just one wash vs. Tide Original.
  • Amazing Tide clean from Canada’s #1 detergent based on sales**.
  • #1 recommended by washing machine manufacturers***.
  • Part of the trusted Tide Plus Collection.

*Based on stain removal using 1 dose Tide HE in the quick wash cycle vs. 10 doses of the leading bargain liquid detergent, base variant, in a normal wash cycle.
**Nielsen Syndicated Laundry Detergent Category – CAN National All Markets Unit Sales – Latest 52 w/e 12/31/16.
***Based on co-marketing agreements.


Measure with cap.

  • For Medium Loads, fill to bar 1.
  • For Large Loads, fill to bar 3.
  • For he Full Loads, fill to bar 5.

Add detergent, then add clothes.

Usage Instructions:
Follow care label instructions, then sort. Test inside seam for colourfastness.

Dosing Directions


Q: What is the difference between HE and regular (non-HE) detergent?
A: HE (high efficiency) detergent is designed specifically for HE washers, which use less water than regular washers. Since HE washers use less water to clean, the water is dirtier.  HE detergents have special dirt capturing ingredients to help suspend dirt and dyes in the water, which helps keep them from re-depositing on your clean laundry.   Our HE detergents are suitable for use in both standard top load washers and High Efficiency (front and top loading) washers. Tide HE versions have an HE label on the neck of the bottle. 

Q: Is Tide Plus Bleach Alternative safe for my colours?
A: Yes, Tide Plus Bleach Alternative is safe for all washable fabrics since it doesn't contain any chlorine bleach. It provides powerful cleaning, whitening and brightening and is safe for all washable fabrics.

Q: What makes Tide Plus Bleach Alternative so effective on clothing?
A: The active enzymes break down stains in every wash, making it colour safe and effective at whitening and brightening all your clothes.

Q: Does Tide Plus Bleach Alternative brighten colours?
A: Yes, it brightens colours by helping to remove the dingy layer that can make colours look dull.

Q: Why is Tide Plus Bleach Alternative better for clothes than chlorine bleach?
A: Chlorine bleach can fade colours, but since Tide Plus Bleach Alternative does not contain chlorine bleach, it is safe for all your machine-washable clothes. In addition, Tide Plus Bleach Alternative contains an ingredient that neutralizes the chlorine in your water so it won’t cause your coloured garments to fade, so you can use it for all your loads. The result is you get white whites and bright brights, wash after wash.

Q: Is Tide Plus Bleach Alternative HE compatible with my standard washer?
A: Tide Plus Bleach Alternative is available in two formulations: HE and standard. We recommend only using Tide Plus Bleach Alternative HE with high efficiency washers.

Ratings and Reviews

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3.4/5 (5)
60% Recommended

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A great Buy

I find it impossible to find Tide with Bleach among the Tide products

Recommend Product

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Turned clothes purple

I used this product to wash my bright white karate gi (lots of sweat). I now have huge purple stains in the areas of both armpits.It's garbage now and has to be replaced.

Not Recommend Product


Tide Response From Tide 05/23/2016

We’re sorry your uniform came out of the wash with stains. While rare, it’s possible for the dye in the product to cause stains. The good news is these stains are not permanent and can be removed by rewashing the items in the hottest water safe for the fabrics. You may need to wash the item more than once to completely remove the stain. We want to learn more about this so if you’d like, please give us a call at: 1-800-879-8433.

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New Brunswick
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purple problem

When first using this product I began to notice purple stains under the arms of my husband's white shirts ( knit and woven) T Shirts, golf shirts and dress shirts. ( All cotton, synthetic and blends.) I assumed a reaction with deodorant. Then I found purple bands across the front of a white T Shirt of mine ( cotton and spandex) Yesterday my husband wore a golf shirt golfing on a humid day and returned with a damp sweaty shirt which I added to the wash. It came out purple all over, darker where the shirt was more wet (ex where tucked in)Nothing helped...washing in hot water as recommended by Tide in response to a posted complaint, soaking in oxygen bleach or in Chlorine bleach. Total value of ruined clothing ...hundreds.Tried calling 800# on bottle and message was not business hours ( 9Am, 10 Am EST Thursday)Product bought and used in New Brunswick Canada

Not Recommend Product


Tide Response From Tide 07/29/2015

Oh no! We’re so very sorry this is happening to you and your husband’s clothing. We appreciate you taking the time to bring this to our attention and we’d like to help further. Please give us a call at 1.855.236.3353 Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm EST and we’ll be more than happy to assist you further. Lisa Tide Team

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Tide With Bleach Alternative

I find this to be a Great Product. No more Bleach stains on clothes ,and keeps whites white. Does A Wonderful Job!

Recommend Product

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Recommend Product