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  • 10x the cleaning power*.
  • Tide Plus Febreze Freshness Spring and Renewal Scent helps fabrics stay fresh 3x longer vs. Tide Original.
  • Amazing Tide clean from Canada’s #1 detergent based on sales**.
  • #1 recommended by washing machine manufacturers***.
  • Part of the trusted Tide Plus Collection.

*Based on stain removal using one dose Tide HE liquid detergent in the quick wash cycle vs. 10 doses of the leading bargain liquid detergent, base variant, in a normal wash cycle.
**Nielsen Syndicated Laundry Detergent Category – CAN National All Markets Unit Sales – Latest 52 w/e 12/31/16.
***Based on co-marketing agreements.


Measure with cap.

  • For Medium Loads, fill to bar 1.
  • For Large Loads, fill to bar 3.
  • For he Full Loads, fill to bar 5.

Add detergent, then add clothes.

Usage Instructions:
Read and follow care label instructions, then sort.
Always test inside seam for colorfastness.

Dosing Directions


Q: Is it OK to use HE laundry detergent in a regular washer?
A: You can use HE detergent in a regular washing machine, however, please be aware that HE detergent produces less suds. Tide HE versions have an HE label on the neck of the bottle.

Q: What is different about Tide Plus Febreze Freshness vs. Tide Original?
A: Tide Plus Febreze Freshness now gives you the same cleaning power you expect from Tide, but with an added freshness benefit. It offers 3x the freshness of Tide Original with a scent that lasts for up to 12 weeks.

Q: What is the ingredient that makes Tide Plus Febreze Freshness special?
A: Our Tide Plus Febreze Freshness formula now contains renewing scent technology that releases freshness as you move. This helps keep your fabrics smelling fresh for up to 3 weeks.

Q: Will Tide Plus Febreze Freshness clean as well as Tide Original?
A: Both products provide excellent cleaning and stain removal.

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Best Detergent - Hard to Find

This is the best-smelling, best-cleaning laundry detergent that I've tried - and it's almost impossible to find it. Please make it more readily available!I've never been complimented on the smell of my clothing before trying this detergent - more than one person has remarked that my "sweater smells really good!" after I've washed it with this.Please please please make it easier to find in the HE formula!

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Pickering, ON
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Love this product but it's hard to find

Tide is, hands down, the best laundry detergent there is. The Febreze scent just makes it better BUT it's hard to find the Tide with Febreeze for HE machines. And it's impossible to find the larger bottles. Love the stuff! If you can get it in the stores, it'll sell. For me, complimenting Febreze dryer sheets and/or LIQUID laundry booster (like a baking soda/odour removal product) would be perfect!!

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