How to Use Tide Clean Boost Fabric Rinse

Tide Fabric Rinse is a new laundry odour remover that helps rinse away the smelly residue trapped within fabric fibres by acting as a laundry detergent booster.

How To Use Tide Fabric Rinse

  1. Add your favorite detergent

  2. Pour in the desired amount of Tide Fabric Rinse for the size of your load into your liquid fabric softener dispenser or directly into the rinse cycle.

    • If you have a small load with light odour issues, we recommend filling the fabric softener drawer a little less than half full.

    • If you have a large load with heavy odour issues, we recommend filling the softener drawer to the “maximum fill” line.

How to Use Tide Deep Cleansing Fabric Rinse

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Tide Fabric Rinse is a low pH rinse aid that works to remove odours and residues left behind on items you wear and use, like bath towels. These residues if left untreated can build up and lead to odour that can be difficult to remove, even with washing.

A: With Tide Fabric Rinse each load may need a little more or a little less based on your laundry needs. WE recommend about 3 tablespoons. This is equivalent to filling the Fabric Softener drawer about half way on most HE machines. If you like, you can measure it out. We suggest about ¼ cup or 50 oz per average size load. The great thing about Tide Fabric Rinse is if you don’t have a lot of odours or residues a little bit goes a long way, and using a lot will work on those really tough jobs in your home.

A: Tide Fabric Rinse is nothing like a traditional fabric softener. Traditional Liquid Fabric Softeners lubricate fibres making them soft and fresh. With only 5 ingredients, Tide Fabric Rinse is designed to remove odour causing residues not lubricate fibres. Its unique formula works in the rinse to break down and remove the residues left behind after washing that can lead to odours.

A: Tide Fabric Rinse is safe for all washable fabrics, including active wear and children’s clothing. Tide Fabric Rinse is not a fabric softener, so it can be used on all machine washable fabrics and will not impede absorbency or moisture wicking or harm flame retardants on children’s clothing like usual liquid fabric softeners.

A: Tide Fabric Rinse is a rinse added product, so it goes in the fabric softener dispenser on most wash machines, it can be added in the center post agitator for traditional top loading machines, or it can be added directly to the drum during the rinse cycle.

A: Tide Fabric Rinse works in all temperatures.

A: Tide Fabric Rinse and fabric softener should not be used together in the same load. Both Tide Fabric Rinse and fabric softener are placed in the fabric softener compartment in the washing machine, which releases product into the rinse cycle of the wash. This compartment is only designed to hold 1 product at a time per load, so you should not mix products together in this compartment for the same load. While you should not use Tide Fabric Rinse and fabric softener in the same load at the same time, you can use both Tide Fabric Rinse and fabric softener on the same garments (in separate loads) to deliver different benefits, depending on what you are looking for.

A: Tide Fabric Rinse designed to be used with detergent, and can be used with other fabric enhancers like scent boosters or dryer sheets but NOT liquid fabric softener or bleach.