How to Upcycle a Tide Bottle into a DIY Watering Can

Reusing product packaging is a great way to keep plastics out of our landfills, and there are numerous ways to do this creatively. You can bring those empty Tide bottles back to life with a new purpose by learning how to upcycle them.

    • Supplies
    • Rinse Tide bottle thoroughly to clear out excess laundry detergent.
    • Then remove label with hot water, soap and a sponge.
    • Drill holes in lid.
    rinse bottle, drill holes in lid
    • Hot glue eyes and ears to bottle.
    • Cut 13 cm quarter-circles from felt and paper.
    Glue eyes and ears
    • Place the felt on top of the paper, hot-glue them together, and make a cone.
    • Attach two 15 cm flaps to the cone and tie it to the Tide laundry detergent bottle handle.
    Make a cone
    • Let Piggycorn help you take care of your flowers, and recycle.
    Let Piggycorn help you take care of your flowers, and recycle.

What is upcycling?

Upcycling is the process of converting old or discarded material into something useful and beautiful.

You can always recycle your used plastic containers, but you can also have a little fun by creatively turning those bottles into something new and useful for your household. Tide created a content series all about upcycling to inspire and educate you about reusing old bottles and packaging. Don't miss our videos and tutorials showing you all the different ways you can repurpose used Tide products and packaging.

Tide is committed to sustainability from start to finish, and you can learn more about our sustainable manufacturing practices, as well as how our concentrated detergents can help the environment on our sustainability info page.