Tide Power PODS® Febreze Odor Eliminators + Sport Odor Defense

Tackles sweat, grass, mud and more.

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Tide Power PODS® Febreze Odor Eliminators + Sport Odor Defense

  • Designed with Febreze Odor eliminators to fight set-in-odours and tough stains

  • Bigger Tide PODS. Better Clean. 50% more cleaning power than Tide liquid detergent

  • 4-in-1 technology: febreze odour eliminators, stain removers, and long-lasting freshness all-in-one solution.

  • Reformulated to eliminate even week-old sport odours


Tackles sweat, grass, mud and more.

Tide Power PODS with Febreze odour eliminators deliver a deep, odour-lifting clean that is so powerful, each POD packs in 50% more cleaning power over Tide Liquid Detergent. Infuse your clothes with freshness that lasts up to 3x longer and discover why Tide is Canada's #1 most-trusted detergent brand. Give your clothes the bright and brilliant clean they deserve!

Now formulated with Coldzymes in a new, icy-blue POD.


Always handle with dry hands.

How to use:

  1. Place required number of Tide POWER PODS® into the washing machine drum.

  2. Add clothes, and turn on any cycle, any temperature.

  3. Close package after use.

How to dose:

  • 1 laundry pac for regular loads

  • 2 pacs for heavily soiled loads

1 Pac for Medium Loads and 2 Pacs for Large and X-Large Loads.


Keep laundry pacs out of reach of children.

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