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  • Innovative liquid detergent technology gets between the fibers to clean invisible stains
  • Provides a deep, hygienic clean even for tough stains with the help of 10 concentrated cleaning actives
  • Works in all machines and water conditions
  • Infused with Tide’s beloved Original scent
  • Try Tide Power PODS® for 50% more cleaning power vs. Tide Original Liquid


Removes visible and invisible dirt



Measure with cap.

For medium loads, fill to bar 3.

For large loads, fill to bar 4.

For HE full loads, fill to bar 5.

Always follow usage instructions indicated on the package.

Add clothes, pour into dispenser, start washer.

Usage Instructions:

  • Follow care label instructions, then sort.
  • Test inside seam for colourfastness.

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The best tide yet

Two people in my home one of them being myself work at jobs that get our clothing greasy, muddy and smelling of oil and diesel fuel. I have been a big fan of tides original “powdered” version detergent for years, but my store was out of the powdered soap and I saw this hygienic clean version on the shelf above for a couple dollars cheaper, at that. After the first use washing the work clothes I was blown away by how clean and fresh they looked at smelled after a wash cycle in hot water. I think I will continue using this product because it’s slightly cheaper than the original soap and it seems to rinse out way nicer. I was not paid by tide to make this review, I just thought I’d let others know how awesome this detergent is. I haven’t tried the pod version of this, and likely won’t.

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