Tide® Clean Boost™ Spring Meadow

Removes 3X odour and residue*

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Tide® Clean Boost™ Spring Meadow

  • Use Tide Rinse with detergent to transform the rinse cycle into an extra clean cycle

  • Safe on all fabrics

  • Free of dyes and heavy perfumes so it's gentle on skin

  • Tide Spring Meadow scent


Tide® Clean Boost™ Spring Meadow

Tide Clean Boost Fabric Rinse removes stubborn residues and odours from your laundry three times better than detergent alone*.

Formulated with a unique low pH solution, Tide Rinse breaks down residue stuck on clothes, adding extra power to your favorite detergent. With Tide Clean Boost Fabric Rinse, your machine's rinse cycle is transformed to an extra clean cycle, providing light freshness that's gentle on skin in the original scent you love. Enjoy fresh and clean laundry after every wash from America's #1 trusted detergent brand**.

*Vs detergent alone, leading value detergent with Tide® Clean Boost removes residue and odour in 1 wash better than the leading value detergent alone in 3 washes.

**Voted most-trusted laundry brand in a 2023 BrandSpark American Trust Study.


Usage Instructions:

  1. Add your usual detergent before adding Tide Rinse.

  2. Pour Tide Rinse directly into the fabric softener dispenser. Start by filling half of the dispenser (around 1/4 cup) for normal loads, and pour more for tougher stains & odours.

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