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  • Tide Plus Febreze Freshness Sport Active offers more of odour fighting power you love, with a deeper clean vs. Tide Original.
  • 10x the cleaning power*.
  • #1 recommended by washing machine manufacturers**.

*Based on stain removal using one dose Tide HE liquid detergent in the quick wash cycle vs. 10 doses of the leading bargain liquid detergent, base variant, in a normal wash cycle.

** Based on co-marketing agreements

Tide Clean Plus The Odor Fighting Power You Trust


Measure with cap.

  • For medium loads, fill to bar 1.
  • For large loads, fill to bar 3.
  • For HE full loads, fill to bar 5.

Add clothes, pour into dispenser, start washer.

Usage Instructions:
Read and follow care label instructions, then sort.
Always test inside seam for colourfastness.

Liquid Measurement Instructions


Q: How much Tide detergent should I use per load of laundry?
A: With Tide Plus Febreze Freshness Sport, measure liquid detergent with the cap from the bottle of detergent. For small or medium loads, fill to line 2. For large loads, fill to line 3. Tips: Always refer to the label on the carton or bottle for specific instructions. Use more detergent for heavily soiled loads.  Recommended amounts are based on average water hardness. For very hard water use a little more detergent (approximately 1/4 dose). For very soft water use a little less detergent (approximately 1/4 dose). Always measure HE liquids using the cap from the detergent bottle.  Do not measure HE liquid using the lines on the HE washing machine dispenser. If using a "compact" machine, use the recommended dosage of detergent and be sure to use an HE detergent for an HE machine.

Q: Is Tide Plus Febreze Sport safe for use on my high-performance/active wear items?
A: Yes. When used as directed, Tide Plus Febreze Sport is safe on all washable fabrics including high-performance and active wear. For best results, follow the manufacturer’s care label on your garment.

Q: Can I use Tide Plus Febreze Sport on other clothes?
A: Yes, Tide Plus Febreze Sport is safe for use on all your washable clothes, from the sports gear you wear on your morning run to the outfit you wear for the rest of the day.

Q: How is Tide Plus Febreze Sport different from Tide Plus Febreze Freshness?
A: Tide Plus Febreze Sport is designed to deliver a powerful deep-down clean to help remove tough odours, especially sweaty sports odours, while Tide Plus Febreze Freshness provides long-lasting freshness in addition to the Tide clean you love.

Q: Is Tide Plus Febreze Sport HE compatible with my standard washer?
A: Tide Plus Febreze Sport is available in two formulations: HE and standard. We recommend only using Tide Plus Febreze Sport HE with high efficiency washers.

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Lethbridge, ab
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This product has left stains in all of my clothes!I now somehow need to come up with the money to buy new clothes.. Not a cheap fix!Would never buy again!

Not Recommend Product


Tide Response From Tide 09/16/2015

Hi, Nicole. We’re very sorry you received stains on your clothes after using our Tide Plus Frebreze. While it’s possible for the dye in our product to cause stains, it is rare. Stains may happen if the detergent is placed on top of the clothing or the detergent doesn’t dissolve properly. The good news is, all of our detergents are water soluble and any stains will come out when you rewash the item in the hottest water temperature safe for that fabric. However, this is not the experience we want you to have with our product and we’d like to help further. Please give us a call at 1.855.236.3353 when you have a moment.

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Barrie, On
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Fresh scent

As the Mother of four boys, in active household, laundry really is my middle name. I really was impressed at the fresh scent that did last on work out and athletic wear. I also like to use the sport Tide on Work clothes. I would like to buy this product in a larger format. I recommend this product for all manly sweaty smelly clothes! Thank you TIDE!

Recommend Product

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waste of money

I am a bid fan of tide and figured with kids in sports it would be a great fresh clean, scent. After doing 2 loads of laundry I realized its terrible. It leaves the clothes smelling like old sweat! Will stick to the original.

Not Recommend Product