Fruit stains on a white table

How to remove fruit stains from clothes, carpet, and upholstery

Blueberry, blackberry, grape, mango, orange, plum, raspberry, watermelon – these fruits are amazing, and they can make a delicious fruit salad.

However, accidents can happen, and if they end up on your clothes, it’s always useful to know how to get blueberry stains or other fruit stains out of them. Read on to discover how to handle fruit stains and enjoy your healthy treats without worry.

How to remove specific fruit stains

How to remove berry stains from clothes

A small berry can leave a big mark. Are you wondering how to get blueberry stains out of your clothes? Try the simple steps above for getting rid of fruit stains, and say goodbye to those unwanted vibrant colours on your garment.

How to remove avocado stains

Taco Tuesday doesn’t have to turn into Taco Doomsday because of a few avocado stains – Tide is on your side. If you’ve accidentally dropped guacamole on your shirt, just follow our general fruit-stain removal tips above for the best result, but with an extra suggestion. Since avocado has a higher fat content than other fruits, it’s recommended to pour liquid detergent straight onto your garment as pretreatment. Just gently rub the fabric together, let the liquid detergent sit for five minutes, then rinse your garment. After that, follow the rest of the guide and say goodbye to avocado stains.

How to remove fruit stains from carpet and upholstery

You can’t easily toss carpets or upholstery into the washing machine to remove any possible fruit stains, so here’s how you get rid of them:

  • Take a spoon, and scrape off the excess if there’s any.

  • Pour some liquid detergent on the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, then use a wet sponge or towel to blot up the liquid.

  • Once the stain is gone, put a clean towel over the area and weigh it down for an hour so it can absorb the remaining moisture.

The bottom line on how to remove fruit stains

Fruits are delicious and healthy, but they can be scary when they get on your clothes. Try to act quickly if possible whenever you’re tackling a fruit stain, and there’s no need to worry, since Tide has your back.