About Us

For over 70 years Tide has been changing the way we do laundry and continually helping de-liver the cleanest clothes you can get.

1930s Product X

The story began in the 1930s. David “Dick” Byerly was a P&G scientist who was determined to develop the world’s first heavy duty detergent which would allow for a clean better than any other product available. After 7 years of experimenting the project was cancelled but he kept working on it in his spare time. After 14 years he finally created a prototype product that was quickly named Tide. Tide launched in 1946 and was called The Washday Miracle. Since 1949, Tide has been the leading laundry detergent in the US.

Top Load Washing Machines

The 1950s saw affordable top loading washing machines become available, providing households a chance to experience the benefits of a better wash. A box of Tide came packed inside each new washing machine to show the power of the two working together.

Tide XK

In 1968, consumers needed an easier way to remove tough stains, like food and blood. Thanks to Tide XK, the first US detergent with enzymes, clothes could say goodbye to some of the toughest stains without the previous hassle.

Liquid Tide

1984 saw another huge laundry innovation: Liquid Tide. With twice the number of ingredients as leading liquid detergents, Liquid Tide made consumers laundry process easier as well as cleaned more effectively. A new self-draining cap meant consumers no longer had to deal with drips.

Tide with Bleach

Just 4 years later, Tide with Bleach was the first detergent with full strength color safe bleach. Now consumer’s colors could get the same quality stain removal and deep clean as their whites.

Ultra Liquid Tide

Then, in 1992, Tide introduced a compact liquid detergent, Ultra Liquid Tide, which cut down on packaging. This gave consumers an even better and more efficient Tide clean.

Tide Cold Water

2005 saw the revolutionary Tide Cold Water introduced. Formulated with special ingredients and designed to give a powerful clean with less heat, it allowed consumers to wash at a lower temperature, saving them money.

Tide to Go

But it was 2005’s other invention that set pulses racing. The Tide-to-Go Stain Releaser Pen allowed consumers to touch up stains anywhere and in any situation on-the-go.

Loads of Hope

There are worse disasters than stains, and those caught in the middle of them need all the help they can get – even if it’s just clean clothes. Tide Loads of Hope launched in 2005 after the Hurricane Katrina devastation, providing families affected by disasters a mobile Laundromat that washed, dried and folded their clothes. Over 60,000 loads of laundry have been cleaned for families since it started.

Tide PODS®

Tide PODS® was launched in 2012. Now consumers don’t need to worry about dosing: one little POD is all that’s needed. A single POD can clean, fight stains and brighten with no pouring or spills.