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Tide, Downy, and Bounce give you the Tide clean with the Downy softness and the Bounce freshness you love. Tide laundry detergent works in the wash cycle to help you remove visible stains from dirt and grime, as well as invisible odors. When used in combination with Downy fabric conditioner and Bounce dryer sheets, our products leave your clothes softer, fresher, and with fewer wrinkles and way less static cling.

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Keep Clothes Looking Newer 50% Longer*

*vs. the leading bargain detergent alone

Tide detergent, Downy and Bounce better together

Keep Laundry Pacs Out of Reach of Children

Keep Tide PODS® and Other Detergent Products Out of Reach of Children.

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1. Wash

Tide works in the wash cycle to help remove everything from things you can see — like dirt and grime to things you can't see — like oils and perspiration.

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2. Rinse

Downy works in the rinse cycle to help protect fibers from getting frayed and fuzzy, keeping your clothes smooth and soft.

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3. Dry

Bounce works to control static, repel pet hair and give your laundry a fresh clean scent.