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Don't just mask odours. Eliminate them with the Tide + Downy Odor Defense Collection™.

  • 4-in-1: Detergent + Stain Removal + Brightener + Odor Defense
  • Tide PODS® Plus Febreze Odor Defense™ Active Fresh are specifically designed to fight tough set-in odours.
  • Usage: 1 laundry pac for regular loads, 2 pacs for large loads and 3 pacs for extra large loads.
  • Designed for Regular and HE Washing Machines (front- and top-loaders).
  • Tide PODS® laundry pacs dissolve in hot and cold water.
  • Tide PODS® formulated with HE Turbo technology that contains quick collapsing suds and targets tough stains.
  • Part of the Tide + Downy Odor Defense Collection™ that helps eliminates odours at the source, leaving your fabrics fresh and clean.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
How to Use Tide PODS®


Place a Tide PODS® pac into the washing machine drum before you add clothes. Tide PODS® pacs dissolve in hot and cold water so wash in any cycle.

Use 1 pac for small/medium loads, 2 pacs for large loads and 3 pacs for extra large loads.

Tide PODS® at a Glance


Q: How do Tide PODS® work?
A: Tide PODS® clean, fight stains, and brighten all in one. The unique, three-chamber design allows ingredients to remain separate, stable, and powerful mixing only when they hit the wash for outstanding cleaning and stain removal.

Q: How do I use Tide PODS®?
A: Simply insert one pac of Tide PODS® into the drum of your washer to deal with a regular load, consider using two pacs for a big load or heavily stained clothes. Feel free to proceed with washing in any temperature as Tide PODS® are specifically designed to quickly dissolve in both cold and hot water.

Q: Will Tide PODS® dissolve in cold water?
A: Yes, the film is specially designed to dissolve quickly in hot, warm and cold water.

Q: Do Tide PODS® work equally well on whites and colours?
A: Yes, Tide PODS® have been thoroughly tested on all sorts of laundry conditions and are safe for both whites and colours.

Q: How is HE Turbo different from Safe-for-HE compatible detergents?
A: Using detergents that are only HE compatible produces excessive suds, which make the machine run longer due to additional rinse cycles needed to rinse out the suds. Tide designed its new HE Turbo detergents with Smart Suds™ technology, which eliminates suds so the cleaning ingredients in the detergent can act faster and rinse out quicker. Additionally, the wrong detergent can add up to 10 more gallons of water to your HE wash cycle.

Q: Can I save energy by washing in cold water with Tide HE Turbo PODS® laundry detergent?
A: Yes. In fact, if all Las Vegas households switched to washing in cold for one month, you could power the Strip for up to six days*. Just imagine the savings you could see in your household by doing the same. *Based on total electricity use in the United States and all US households switching all loads from warm to cold temperature in standard top-loading machines with electric water heaters.

Q: Is this detergent low suds?
A: Yes. It’s been formulated with Smart Suds™ technology, which allows you to use even the quick cycle without sacrificing the clean!

Q: Does Tide HE Turbo PODS® clean in cold water?
A: Yes. In fact, Tide’s trusted cleaning ingredients are so powerful that it cleans even better* in cold water than the competition does in similar wash conditions.
*Stain removal of 1 dose of Tide vs. 6 doses of the leading competitor liquid brand base variant.

Q: Is Tide HE Turbo PODS® safe to use with both my whites and colours?
A: Yes. Tide HE Turbo PODS® helps keep your whites white and your colours colourful, wash after wash.

Q: Should I use this detergent in a standard washing machine?
A: We recommend only using Tide HE Turbo PODS® in high efficiency machines.


The Most Important Ingredient in Tide® is Safety

Ensuring the safety of Tide® products is a responsibility that P&G takes very seriously. Before any product can appear on store shelves, it must be demonstrated to be safe to use as intended. After each use, completely close the container, and immediately store the container out of reach of children in an appropriate location.

Keep laundry pacs out of reach of children.

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I will not use this product. The tide pods do not dissolve ,as well they get caught in your washing machine and do a number to it. I will stick w the liquid tide ,does a better job . Thanks

Not Recommend Product

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Tide Pods odor defense

The smell lasts for a long time. I wanted it especially for my towels because their smell gets stale when they sit there too long, however, I do rotate my towels weekly. Fresh sheets smell great too. I'm hooked.

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I love using Tide Pods because they're easy and there is no pouring of liquids. I wish there were a few more floral scents. Like Jasmine or Lavender. : ) (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

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Love my Tide Pods

I absolutely love these. No more drips and mess for detergent. I don't even have to measure, just grab a pod and put it in with the wash. Couldn't be any easier. Love them!!

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Excellent product, don't know what I did before this was around.

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Great stuff!

Product works ok for cleaning, and it's such a joy not to have to lug home a super-heavy container. However, I find that if I do not keep the pod in my hand under the running water as the washer fills, it later makes streaks in my clothes and I have to rinse a second time to get rid of them.

Recommend Product

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